I have been planning and designing some apps…

I have been planning and designing some apps for Google Android for a couple months now. One of them is a full featured client for the freelancer.com api. I finally started coding a few days ago but I have not created a single Android Activity yet. I created a generic method caller that would call a given api.freelaner.com method and populate a model.class I provide with the results. This works well but I figured it would be cleaner to create a bunch of repository/service classes which map to the freelancer api calls. When I am done mapping all the calls I will be able to do the following:

JobService jobs = new JobService(oAuthConsumer);
GetJobListModel model = jobs.GetJobList();

for(Job job: model.items)

This class library will be independent of the OAuth Library so I would not have to make changes if they changed their OAuth implementation. I am about 30% complete with the mappings. I will be ready to move to Android in a couple weeks when I have written tests for all these methods.

I would also like to do this in c# where I know my design can be a little more elegant but I am not sure I will have time soon.

The purpose of this class library is to facilitate the implementation of the full workflow outlined below:
Freelaner.com api workflow
I intend to implement all the methods listed below:
Method overview

Screenshot of application splash screen


2 thoughts on “I have been planning and designing some apps…

  1. User (complete)
    Job (complete)
    Profile (complete)
    Freelancer (complete)
    Notifications (complete)
    Message (complete)

  2. Sad to say that I am thinking of abandoning this class library project because of issues with the api and it’s accompanying documentation. I will create a post with the details.

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